4 Main Focus Areas When Servicing An AC System

An air conditioning system is an essential piece of equipment in a home. Besides cooling the room, it dehumidifies and filters the air in the surrounding area. However, this equipment is prone to damage and may not last long if you don't maintain it properly. One way of increasing your air conditioner's lifespan is by servicing it regularly. Air conditioning service involves checking various elements in the air conditioner to ensure they function correctly. Read More 

What Repairs Might Your Noisy Furnace Need?

Your furnace is meant to keep your home comfortable — not transform it into a noisy space. If you're tired of hearing banging, scraping, or clacking every time the furnace turns on, then it's time to do something about it. Call a furnace repair team. Chances are, they'll need to make one or more of the following repairs to quiet down your furnace. Replace the Fan Belt The fan that blows warm air out of your furnace has a substantially sized motor that is driven by a belt. Read More 

2 Water Softener Problems You Need To Know About

Water softeners are an important part of many homes, especially in homes with hard water. Water softeners take away the minerals that make water hard, making it safe and easier to use. While they are designed to last for many years, some common water softener issues can arise and need urgent attention. Here are some of the most common water softener issues to keep an eye on. A Clogged Resin Bed Read More 

Warning Indicators Your Furnace Requires Emergency Repairs

To maximize your furnace performance, pay attention to problems that need immediate repairs. Failing to take this step can leave you with an uncomfortable home in the middle of the cold season. Given the complexity of heating systems, ensure an experienced professional performs the repairs. But how can you tell that your furnace needs the attention of a heating contractor? Here are signs to watch out for. Your Furnace Fan Doesn't Turn Off Read More 

What Can A Commercial AC Repair Service Do To Correct Inconsistent Cooling?

Are you frustrated with the inconsistency of your workplace AC? Poor airflow is a common cause of inconsistent cooling in a commercial building. If you've been having issues with poor airflow, it's time to call in a professional AC repair service. They will be able to diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs to restore proper airflow and distribution. Here are some things they can do to correct this problem and make your workplace comfortable again. Read More