4 Main Focus Areas When Servicing An AC System

An air conditioning system is an essential piece of equipment in a home. Besides cooling the room, it dehumidifies and filters the air in the surrounding area. However, this equipment is prone to damage and may not last long if you don't maintain it properly. One way of increasing your air conditioner's lifespan is by servicing it regularly. Air conditioning service involves checking various elements in the air conditioner to ensure they function correctly. This blog will highlight four main focus areas when servicing an AC system.

Replacing the Air Filters

An air conditioner has a filtration system that sieves the room's air. It traps dust and other contaminants in the air that could affect one's health. However, this filtration system is usually clogged with dust after a while, making the air conditioner work harder to provide good indoor air quality, which increases your utility bills. Air conditioning service involves changing the AC filters or scrubbing them to remove dust. Servicing your AC regularly ensures that your system has clean filters that minimize your system's workload.

Recalibrating the Thermostat

The primary aim of a thermostat is to display the current indoor air temperature. A poorly configured or broken thermostat will give inaccurate temperature results, thus misleading you. For instance, you won't know whether to turn your AC on or off without accurate temperature results from your thermostat. Thus, you will need an air conditioning service to ensure your thermostat is working correctly. The servicing professionals will also program your thermostat to meet your schedule demands, thus reducing your electricity bills. Ultimately, your thermostat will last for a long time if it's working optimally.

Inspecting the Ductwork for Leaks

The ductwork is an essential part of an air conditioner. It is connected to the air conditioner and suppliers warm or cool air. Thus, air conditioning service involves inspecting the ductwork to ensure it's correctly sealed. This is because cold air can escape if the ductwork is unsealed, meaning the AC won't evenly distribute the air in your home. It causes your air conditioning system to overwork, thus increasing your electricity bills. Regular air conditioning service ensures that your AC's ductwork is in a suitable condition.

Cleaning The Condenser Coil

An air conditioner must have a condenser coil that removes heat from the refrigerant. However, this coil attracts dust after a while, reducing its heat removal efficiency. Consequently, your air conditioner overworks to achieve the desired indoor parameters. Regular air conditioning service ensures that the condenser coil works optimally. The AC contractors brush the coils lightly to remove the adhered dirt, restoring their heat removal efficiency.

For more information, contact an air cooling contractor.