Warning Indicators Your Furnace Requires Emergency Repairs

To maximize your furnace performance, pay attention to problems that need immediate repairs. Failing to take this step can leave you with an uncomfortable home in the middle of the cold season. Given the complexity of heating systems, ensure an experienced professional performs the repairs. But how can you tell that your furnace needs the attention of a heating contractor? Here are signs to watch out for.

Your Furnace Fan Doesn't Turn Off

When your furnace fan doesn't turn off, the problem could be due to an improper thermostat setting. That being the case, confirm whether it's in the "Auto" and not "On" position. If the fan still runs and the thermostat is on "Auto," there could be no communication between the thermostat and your heater. The fan may also fail to shut off if your thermostat or furnace has a mechanical or electrical problem. Regardless of your issue, you can count on an experienced heating expert to resolve it.

Your Furnace Has Difficulties Starting

Your furnace will have difficulties starting, or you may need to restart it several times a day if it's old or poorly maintained. If you have to deal with any of these problems, consider speaking to a heating repair expert. In most cases, this issue stems from dirt buildup in the flame sensor or a dirty air filter.

You Notice Usual Smells from the Furnace

If you notice any weird smells while your furnace runs, you likely have a health safety issue or a failing furnace part. For instance, a burning smell indicates that your furnace blower motor could be overheating. It could also mean there's electrical wiring burning. If you notice a rotten egg smell, you likely have a natural gas leak (when using a gas furnace). This gas can pose serious health issues when inhaled for a long time. So, you should turn off the gas supply from the source and contact your heating professional. 

The Furnace Turns On and Off

When heating your home, your furnace needs to run until it matches your desired temperature. If your furnace turns on and off before doing so, you should seek the immediate services of a heating expert. You're likely to experience this problem if there's a heavy buildup of dirt on the air filter. This will prevent the proper flow of air to the heat exchanger. 

If you notice any of these furnace emergencies, contact a local heating contractor. This way, you don't have to spend on costly repairs or premature furnace replacements.