2 Water Softener Problems You Need To Know About

Water softeners are an important part of many homes, especially in homes with hard water. Water softeners take away the minerals that make water hard, making it safe and easier to use. While they are designed to last for many years, some common water softener issues can arise and need urgent attention. Here are some of the most common water softener issues to keep an eye on.

A Clogged Resin Bed

The resin bed is what actually removes the minerals from the water. Over time, the resin bed in your water softener can become clogged with mineral deposits from the hard water. This can reduce the efficiency of your water softener and even cause it to break down completely.

If you notice that your water isn't as soft as it used to be, or if your water softener seems to be working less efficiently, it's a good idea to check the resin bed. A clogged resin bed will likely have a brown or black water line around it.

You can try to clean the resin bed yourself, but it's often best to call a professional. This fix is quite complicated since you have to take apart the water softener and then clean and rinse the resin bed thoroughly.

A Malfunctioning Timer

Most water softeners have a timer that controls when they regenerate. Regeneration is when the water softener cleans itself and replenishes the resin beads. This process is important because it helps remove any mineral deposits built up on the beads. It also helps to keep the water softener working properly since it constantly flushes out any dirt or debris that might have gotten into the system.

If your water softener isn't regenerating, it could be because the timer is broken. A water softener with a broken timer will eventually stop working altogether since it won't be able to remove the mineral deposits from the water anymore.

You can try to fix the timer yourself by following the instructions in your water softener's manual. But, it's often best to call a professional since this is a delicate process. You might accidentally break the timer components if you're not careful.

If you notice any of these water softener issues, contact a water softener repair company right away. These problems can often be fixed quickly and easily, but if they are not addressed, they can lead to more serious problems down the road.