How To Maintain A Heat Pump

Heat pumps are an alternative heating source for your home that, unlike traditional central heating units, pump hot air in from outside your home and vent out colder air, slowly raising the temperature of your home. However, like all appliances, heat pumps can become less efficient over time due to general wear and tear, which can cause them to heat your home poorly and raise your energy bills. Thankfully, there are a number of easy tasks which you can complete to ensure that your heat pump is operating at peak performance. Read More 

Five Benefits Of Installing A Whole-Home Humidifier

During the winter months, the air inside most homes gets overly dry. Luckily, there's a way to combat this. A whole-home humidifier is a device that can be integrated with your HVAC system. It adds moisture to the air as it is circulated through your home. Installing a whole-home humidifier will allow you to enjoy these benefits: Your cold symptoms won't be as uncomfortable. Almost everyone gets a cold from time to time, especially during the winter months. Read More 

Troubleshooting A Capacitor On Your AC Unit

In order to make an AC unit more energy efficient, engineers will try to reduce energy consumption. For example, a fan requires more electricity to start than to continue running once in motion. Thus, if you use a motor that is strong enough to start your fan, you are wasting electricity running the motor once it starts. Engineers will use a capacitor to store electricity while the fan is running. This capacitor can then be used to give a quick burst of electricity to start your fan. Read More 

Want To Know If Your Heating Oil Prices Will Go Up? What To Watch

If you currently have a furnace that runs on heating oil, then you are familiar with the constant up and down pricing that can leave you guessing about the cost of heat next winter. While the fuel delivery companies only play a very small part in the pricing, the real pricing issues come from other sources. If you want to try your hand at predicting when fuel prices will go up or down, here is what you should watch for. Read More 

How Mini-Split Systems Fit In A Workplace

Choosing a cooling system for a business space presents challenges that you won't find in a residential setting. For example, commercial spaces are typically larger than the spaces you find in a home. A second challenge is that if you have office space in your building, you may have to worry about disputes over the thermostat settings. A mini-split system can work well to meet the needs of a commercial setting. Read More