Good vs, Bad Idea Regarding DIY Gas Furnace Repairs and Maintenance

Proper furnace repairs and maintenance will prolong the life of your unit, and gas furnaces can need a little more attention than electric versions. Here is a look at some of the good and bad ideas of DIY gas furnace repairs and maintenance.  Good Idea: Cleaning the pilot light so it will stay lit.  The housing around the pilot light can accumulate dust and debris, and this can affect how well the flame stays lit. Read More 

Common Complications Heating Repair Contractors Can Address For Homeowners

If you own a home, there will eventually be problems with the furnace. It's important to address these issues before the colder months creep up, which is possible when you hire a heating repair contractor. They are fully capable of addressing the following complications today. Pilot Light Issues When the pilot light stops working, your furnace can't ignite at all. This prevents you from using the furnace entirely. Since dealing with this complication is pretty complex, it's important to always hire a heating repair contractor. Read More