Helpful Services Commercial HVAC Technicians Can Offer To Property Owners

If you have a commercial building, it's important to take care of the AC unit. Otherwise, it will break down regularly and subsequently cost you a lot of money. You don't have to worry that much when you hire a commercial HVAC technician, who can provide the following services today.

Duct Cleaning

The air ducts in your commercial building can sometimes get too dirty, to the point where your AC unit can no longer work efficiently. After all, its airflow is restricted and the blockage needs to be taken care of before your AC unit can resume working normally.

A commercial HVAC technician can handle dirty air ducts with ease using a specialized, heavy-duty vacuum. It will remove whatever has collected inside your ducts. After the technician is done cleaning, they'll test your AC unit's airflow to make sure it has been restored back to normal.

Coolant Refilling

If you're having a hard time getting cool air inside your commercial building, then that usually means the coolant levels are low. You'll then want to hire a licensed commercial HVAC technician, as they're the only party that can legally access and put this substance inside your lines. 

The coolant they bring out will be specifically designed for your commercial AC unit, and it will be handled safely by the technician. After they've filled your system back up to where it needs to be, they can run a series of tests to make sure that they fixed the cooling issue.

Part Inspection

Even if you believe your commercial AC unit is working great, you should still take it upon yourself to hire a commercial HVAC technician. They can perform a thorough inspection on integral parts related to your AC unit. These typically include the blower, outside unit, air filter, coolant lines, expansion valve, and condenser coil. 

If there are any problems with these components, the technician will break them down in an official inspection report. When they're finished, the technician can go over this report with you so that you know exactly what condition all of the parts are in. Then if there is something wrong, you can have it fixed right then and there to avoid more expensive issues in the future. 

The AC unit is such an important component in every commercial building today because it delivers cool air, keeping everyone inside comfortable. As long as you work with an experienced and licensed commercial HVAC technician, you can keep this appliance working great for the foreseeable future. Contact a commercial HVAC company in your area to learn more.