How Mini-Split Systems Fit In A Workplace

Choosing a cooling system for a business space presents challenges that you won't find in a residential setting. For example, commercial spaces are typically larger than the spaces you find in a home. A second challenge is that if you have office space in your building, you may have to worry about disputes over the thermostat settings. A mini-split system can work well to meet the needs of a commercial setting. Read More 

3 Alternatives To Conventional Air Conditioning That Will Take A Chunk Out Of Cooling Costs

With the summer heatwaves right around the corner, you probably are too excited about what you will be paying to keep your home cool and comfortable. Conventional HVAC systems can use a lot of energy during a hot summer's day, which is why you may want to consider switching to alternative solutions like passive cooling and ventilation or a combination evaporative cooling system. If you are looking for alternative ways to keep your home cool and lower your energy costs this summer, here are some ideas that may help: Read More