3 Alternatives To Conventional Air Conditioning That Will Take A Chunk Out Of Cooling Costs

With the summer heatwaves right around the corner, you probably are too excited about what you will be paying to keep your home cool and comfortable. Conventional HVAC systems can use a lot of energy during a hot summer's day, which is why you may want to consider switching to alternative solutions like passive cooling and ventilation or a combination evaporative cooling system. If you are looking for alternative ways to keep your home cool and lower your energy costs this summer, here are some ideas that may help:

1.  Passive Cooling Designs And Whole Home Ventilation Systems

Passive cooling designs are buildings that have designs that keep them cool. This can be features like green roofs or a ventilation, which can be professionally designed and installed systems. You may also want to consider features like a summer privacy screen to shade windows that get direct sunlight. If you want the sunlight in the summer, plant the privacy screens with perennial vines that will not have leaves in the winter to allow sunlight to reach the windows. You can also consider improvements during home renovations, like adding functional skylights to your roof that can be opened to allow hot air to escape during the summer and closed to provide passive heating during the winter.

2. Radiant Cooling Systems For Energy Efficient AC Solution

Radiant heating can be a solution that can provide you with heating, but it can also be a good cooling solution. A radiant cooling solution can have lines that are installed in walls or ceilings to help absorb the heat and keep your home cool. This is an efficient cooling system that can be a good solution when doing major renovation to your home or if you already have an existing radiant heating system to expand upon.

3. Combination Evaporative Coolers For Efficient Cooling And Performance

Evaporative coolers are a popular cooling solution in dry climates, but they do not perform well when the humidity is high and can also cause humidity problems in your home. To solve these problems, combination systems can be installed, which include a conventional AC component and ventilation to ensure your system is always cooling your home efficiently and solve the humidity problems that are common with evaporative coolers.

These are some ideas that may help you keep your home cool this summer for a lot less with alternative AC systems. If you need help with the design and installation of a new cooling system for your home, contact a compressor replacement service, like Jerry Boschert heating & Cooling, and talk with them about some of these ideas for improving the efficiency of your home's cooling system.