5 Reasons For AC Fan Failure

Your central air conditioner is useless without a working fan. If the fan refuses to rotate and move air, the following are some of the most likely reasons for the problem. 1. Failed Motor A failed motor means there will be no movement from the air conditioner at all. You won't hear it turn on and the fan won't even attempt to move. Often, there are loud whining or banging noises from the motor in the days leading up to complete failure, but not always. Read More 

5 Important Aspects of an Annual Heating Maintenance Visit

If you have a heat pump instead of a traditional gas or electric furnace, the annual maintenance on your equipment is different but still necessary. A mini-split heat pump connects directly to blowers mounted on the walls, but a whole-house heat pump connects to an air handler inside as well as the duct system in your house. Here are five important parts of the system your heating service checks during an annual maintenance call. Read More 

The Most Common AC Problems That Need Repairs During Summer Heat

When you start using your AC more during the summer, there are going to be occasional problems. Good service maintenance routines and timely repairs can prevent these issues from causing serious damage. The following common summer AC problems are some of the issues that you may need to have repaired: Capacitors and Electrical Damage After Storms The capacitor of your AC is an essential component that power surges can easily damage. Read More 

How An Indoor Air Quality Service Can Help You

As a homeowner, it is important to think about the air quality inside your home. This is particularly important if you or someone in the household has breathing issues or allergies. Even if this is not the case, you should still do what you can to maintain the best indoor air quality possible. Consider hiring an indoor air quality service to help you with the things listed below and more. Soon, you can make sure that your family is breathing nice, clean air. Read More 

Problems With the Blower Can Cause Ice to Form on Your Air Conditioner

A common problem with an air conditioner is when the unit freezes. It looks odd to see ice on an AC, but several things can cause this problem. One of the causes of ice on your AC is a bad blower fan. Here's how to tell if the fan in your blower is bad and the repairs that might need to be done. Signs of a Bad Blower Fan When the blower isn't working properly, your AC probably won't put out as much air as it should. Read More