Choose Your New Heating System And Install It Before Bad Weather Settles In For The Winter

It's an uneasy feeling to start a long, cold winter with a furnace that is old and unpredictable. If you can't depend on your furnace to last all winter, then it's time to think about getting a new heating system installed. Consider a few of these points so you're well informed and ready to make good decisions when it's time for your new heating installation.

Compare Heating Systems

You may want a typical gas or electric furnace installed. However, if your kids have left the nest and you don't need to heat your entire home, then a mini-split heat pump might be a good option. Those don't need ducts, but you can also choose a heat pump that works with ducts like a furnace does.

When deciding between a furnace and heat pump, think about whether you need to get a new condenser for the AC too. If so, a heat pump might be a good idea since it acts as both the heater and air conditioner. If you don't plan to get a new AC when you get a new furnace, then a traditional furnace may be the way to go so you can use your current AC condenser.

Think About Sizing And Zones

One of the first steps in a new heating installation is to choose the right size for the new furnace. This needs to be done by an HVAC professional who can calculate the exact size your house needs based on a number of factors and not just the square footage of your home.

If you want to conserve resources and keep some of your rooms cooler than others, consider having a zoned system installed. Zoning is done by putting dampers in your ducts. Another good way to control the temperature in each room independently is with a mini-split heat pump that doesn't use ducts but uses blowers mounted on the walls that can be operated separately from each other.

Don't Wait For The Weather To Get Brutally Cold

Don't wait for the dead of winter when the temperatures are the coldest to install your new heating system. Heating installations can be done in cold weather, but it is easier on you, your home, and the installers to do the work at the beginning of winter when the weather isn't quite as cold. Plus, if you wait until the middle of winter to call for help, HVAC companies may be booked solid with repairs, and that means you might have a delay before your new furnace is installed.