4 Causes Of A Noisy Air Conditioner In Your Home

An AC delivers cool air into your home, maintaining comfortable indoor conditions. Nowadays, manufacturers incorporate sound-dampening technology in modern AC units. Such units produce very low sound levels when operating, increasing indoor comfort. So, if you hear overly loud noises, your cooling system could be faulty. Since a noisy AC will disrupt your ambiance, you should hire a repair expert to assess the system. They will test the system's functionality to determine the faulty components and remedy them. Read More 

Do You Need To Have Your AC Coolant Topped Off?

When an air conditioner stops working properly, homeowners often assume they need to have the coolant "topped off." On the surface, this seems to make sense. Coolant allows your AC to cool, so if it is not cooling, it must need more coolant — right? Not necessarily. Keep reading for a closer look at coolant leaks, coolant refills, and what's really going on when your AC unit stops cooling.  Coolant does not evaporate on its own. Read More