4 Serious Consequences Of Skipping AC Maintenance

Proper maintenance of a home can seem like a neverending responsibility for homeowners. Some may assume that certain maintenance is unnecessary. This can lead to a variety of unexpected and costly repairs. AC systems require routine maintenance for a variety of reasons. The following points highlight a few things that can occur when homeowners choose to skip their AC maintenance appointments.

Poor Energy Efficiency

HVAC contractors and technicians perform point-by-point inspections when they perform AC maintenance services. They also clean systems, which removes dirt. If there are worn parts, they can identify and replace them. If failing parts are not replaced, they can cause a system to need more energy to work. This results in higher energy costs. Homeowners could end up more on their energy costs than they would have on maintenance.

System Breakdowns

Repeatedly missing AC maintenance can damage a system over time. This can lead to system issues and parts may fail sooner. Systems that are well-maintained are less likely to break down. This is because any issues will be identified and addressed during the service appointment. Homeowners who fail to maintain may experience breakdowns during the most inconvenient times such as when they have visitors on the hottest days of the year. If the worn part is one such as the AC compressor, a replacement might be recommended. This is because a damaged part may cost more or be comparable in cost to a new system that will have a warranty. There are also likely to be repeated breakdowns in the future due to a lack of maintenance.

Voided Warranty

Manufacturers have explicit requirements that are required to keep AC warranties valid. Homeowners who fail to complete required AC maintenance are likely to discover that they no longer have warranties. This means that costly repairs will need to be paid for by them. 

Shortened Lifespan

If it is discovered that a new AC installation is needed, they can help homeowners compare models and select one that is right for the size of their homes. AC systems are investments that can last several years with proper maintenance. Size is important to ensure a long-lasting unit. 

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to understand what occurs during an AC maintenance appointment. They can also explain the benefits of having this service. Some individuals have busy schedules and may forget that they need maintenance. Some contractors offer complimentary reminders when it is time for AC services.  

For more info about AC services, contact a local company.