Preventive Maintenance Every Commercial HVAC System Needs

As part of the mechanical systems installed in your commercial building, the HVAC system helps create a healthy and comfortable interior environment for building occupants. 

On hot days, the system distributes cooled air inside the building, neutralizing the heat to help keep everyone cool and comfortable. When cold temperatures arrive, it provides the heat needed to keep the building's interiors warm and cozy enough for its occupants.

Like other operation-critical commercial equipment, your HVAC unit requires some maintenance to prevent problems from occurring. Here are some preventative maintenance tasks to keep your commercial heating and cooling system working smoothly and efficiently for as long as possible.

HVAC Air Filter Replacement

Your commercial HVAC system has an air filter that requires changing regularly. Regular air filter changes are essential for two main reasons.

Firstly, they help achieve good indoor air quality, as HVAC filters filter the unconditioned air drawn from your building interiors, removing airborne pollutants. Secondly, they help with dirty filters, which inhibit the proper flow of air within your HVAC system, hurting its output, efficiency, and lifespan.

Although many HVAC companies and air filter manufacturers usually recommend the frequency at which you should change your HVAC filter, multiple factors can increase or decrease the frequency of your filter changes.

HVAC General Cleaning

Aside from creating an eyesore, the dust and dirt that accumulates on your HVAC equipment over time can affect the performance and life of the equipment.

Undertaking a general cleaning of the entire equipment from time to time is essential to get rid of the unsightly dirt and keep the equipment running at peak efficiency. 

On the other hand, failing to clean your HVAC equipment may cause it to break down too frequently, causing repair costs to add up quickly. Dirt-laden HVAC equipment will also wear sooner than expected, resulting in premature equipment replacement.

HVAC Thermostat Testing

Another essential task to perform during preventative HVAC maintenance is checking your thermostat. The thermostat is the device that regulates the air temperature inside your commercial building. It will prevent your HVAC system from achieving the desired indoor temperatures if not calibrated and working correctly.

Test your HVAC thermostat regularly to see if it is working. If you point out a problem, get it fixed right away.

Undertaking preventative maintenance on your commercial HVAC system is crucial for avoiding problems that can cause the system to break down in times of need. Contact an HVAC contractor for your commercial preventative HVAC maintenance quote.