2 Signs Your Home Furnace’s Blower Capacitor Is Going Bad

No matter if your home's furnace is an electric or gas model, the blower needs electricity to run so that it can force the air throughout your home. The blower capacitor is a vital component of that electrical system. It stores power to give the motor the jolt it needs to run while providing even amounts of electricity while it is running.

If the blower capacitor breaks down, the blower will not be able to push the air through the ductwork to heat your home. Below are a couple of signs that the capacitor is starting to go bad and needs professional attention as soon as possible.

1. Furnace's Motor Starts Slowing Down, Speeding Up, and Stopping Erratically  

One warning sign that the furnace's blower capacitor is starting to break down is when the motor starts behaving erratically. When the capacitor is operating normally, the motor will receive a jolt of electricity when it first starts up, then the supply will even out so that the motor will run smoothly until the cycle ends.

However, when the capacitor is failing, the motor may randomly speed up, slow down, and even stop prematurely. Not only will this affect the amount of warm air that is supplied throughout your home, but the erratic cycling will wear down the motor. If you notice this erratic behavior, have a professional inspect the part for any issues.

2. Furnace Makes Odd Noises That Are Accompanied by a Burning Odor

Another sign that the blower capacitor is starting to go bad is when you start hearing odd noises, such as intermittent clicking or humming noise. Either of these noises will also be accompanied by an acrid, burning odor.

When the capacitor is having problems regulating the electrical current, the sounds you hear are caused by the motor straining from lack of constant power. The acrid odor can be caused by either the capacitor or motor starting to burn up.

When the blower capacitor finally does break down, your furnace's blower will no longer receive the electricity it requires and will stop working. Before this is allowed to happen, you need to have the unit looked at by a professional if you notice that the motor is behaving erratically and/or the furnace is making odd noises and emitting a burning smell.

Contact a furnace repair service near your home to have someone look at the system so that they can diagnose and fix any issues with the blower capacitor that they may find.