Is It Time To Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit? 4 Signs

A fully functional AC is one of the most relied upon appliances to provide your home with optimum temperatures. However, if your unit is experiencing frequent breakdowns requiring extensive repairs, it can be cost-intensive to sustain. Additionally, if you have an old unit, you may need frequent tune-ups to keep it functioning as most of its components have likely deteriorated. You should therefore consult an AC professional to help you understand the warning signs of a system that requires replacement. The following are four signs indicating that your AC is due for replacement.

High Energy Bills

If your electric bills have skyrocketed over the last months with little to no change in usage habits, your AC could be the cause. As the efficiency of your AC decreases with age, it will require more energy to keep up with demands. Additionally, an old-fashioned system will have a low-efficiency energy rating and will consume a lot of energy resulting in high utility expenses. Therefore, you should engage an AC repairer to play out a load calculation of your AC unit to determine whether it necessitates a replacement.

Frequent Breakdowns

Your AC requires regular maintenance to keep it in top condition. However, if your AC unit suffers multiple breakdowns despite routine servicing, you should consider replacing it. When summed up, frequent repairs can be very costly, and you should contact an AC professional to guide you in purchasing an economic unit in terms of operation and maintenance requirements.

Resizing Your Home

The right size of air conditioner will provide cool temperatures throughout your home at peak efficiency. If you decide to expand your home, you may need to invest in a bigger unit. An undersized AC will struggle to keep your entire space cool, resulting in functional strain and accelerated wear. If you are altering or expanding the layout of your home, you should call an AC installation professional to assess your living space and recommend a unit that best suits your new needs.

The AC Is Too Old

If your unit has surpassed its projected years of service, it is susceptible to frequent breakdowns. This is because the parts of an aging system deteriorate over time, causing its efficiency to decrease. Additionally, if your old AC is outdated, many components that require replacement are likely unavailable. If your unit exceeds its recommended lifespan, call an AC technician to assist you in replacing your unit.

Understanding the warning signs of an AC that requires replacement is vital before you are stuck with an inoperable unit. Hire an AC pro to guide you through the pre-purchase decision and installation of the replacement.