4 Common Causes Of Air Conditioning Airflow Problems

A variety of factors can cause air conditioning airflow problems. One of the most common causes is a dirty air filter restricting airflow and making the air conditioning system inefficient. Other causes of airflow problems include leaks in the ductwork and blocked vents. If you are experiencing airflow problems with your air conditioning system, it is important to identify the cause of the problem. What are some of these problems?

1. Vents Blocked by Furniture 

When the AC fails to deliver air to your room, it is likely because furniture is blocking the vent. Blocked vents make the system work harder to maintain the right temperature. This can cause problems with maintenance and energy consumption. You can avoid this in your home by physically checking if the vents are clear and moving the object out of the airflow path. 

2. Leaking Ducts 

If your air conditioning system is making a lot of noise, it could be because of a leaky duct. A leaky duct could drip water into the system, resulting in moisture damage. It can also lead to electrical fires and the spread of mold. This problem can be fixed by regularly checking ducts for leaks or cracks and working with an AC service to repair faulty ducts. 

3. Clogged Filters 

A dirty air filter hinders airflow and causes the air conditioning system to work harder than necessary. Air conditioning filters have a short life, especially for arid and dusty areas. They trap dust particles,  pollen, insects, human and pet hair, and other impurities.  

Besides poor airflow, clogged air filters cause the AC to work harder and become less energy efficient. Therefore, you should change AC filters to ensure that you get a clean air supply so your system can run properly.

4. Wrong-sized HVAC System

If your system is too big or too small for the house, you will have airflow problems and wastage in energy consumption. This is because the air heats or cools too fast and makes the unit cycle frequently. A small air conditioning unit will have to constantly work harder to maintain temperature, which can be expensive and harmful to the system. 

An outsized AC will heat or cool too fast, cycle too fast, and waste energy. Instead of choosing the size based on budget and appearance, consult qualified air conditioning services to make the right choice. 

Is your home uncomfortable despite the AC working at full blast? Talk to air conditioning services about diagnosing airflow problems and fixing any faults.