The Most Common AC Problems That Need Repairs During Summer Heat

When you start using your AC more during the summer, there are going to be occasional problems. Good service maintenance routines and timely repairs can prevent these issues from causing serious damage. The following common summer AC problems are some of the issues that you may need to have repaired:

Capacitors and Electrical Damage After Storms

The capacitor of your AC is an essential component that power surges can easily damage. Sometimes, the capacitor can be damaged due to another short or problem with the electrical wiring that needs to be repaired. These problems are common after electrical storms, which can cause your AC to stop working. Therefore, you may need to have the capacitor on your air conditioner replaced if it stops working after severe weather. This repair often needs to be done to older systems because the capacitor is a part that can fail due to wear.

Issues With the Compressor Overheating and Leaking

The compressor is another component of your AC that can cause problems during the summer months. Sometimes, there are issues like overheating that can cause serious damage to the system. If the problem is just a part that needs to be replaced on the motor, it can usually easily be fixed. When the damage is worse and causes leaks, you will need to have the leaks repaired before the system can be recharge. The worse case is that a bad compressor will need to be replaced, one of the costliest AC repairs.

Fan Motors Making Noises and Failing

Fan motors can also cause problems with your AC. Often, when there is a problem with the fans, the AC will start to make noises when it turns on. These problems can be issues like debris in the fan blades, damaged turbine blades, or problems with motor parts wearing out. Usually, these problems can easily be repaired by replacing the damaged or worn parts. If the fan is old, it may be time to replace it with newer, more efficient equipment.

Dirty Parts Causing Ice and Issues With Airflow

There are also problems that can start with parts being dirty. This happens when you don't change the filters or have routine maintenance done to your system. When dust and debris build up on parts, it can cause condensation to form and turn into ice. This can cause serious damage to parts like the AC compressor. This issue can easily be prevented by changing the filter regularly and keeping your system clean. If this happens to your system, contact an AC repair service to fix the issue and clean your system to ensure it doesn't happen again.

These are some of the problems with your AC system that may need to be repaired during the summer heat this year. Contact an air conditioning repair service to fix these issues when your system stops working.