Problems With the Blower Can Cause Ice to Form on Your Air Conditioner

A common problem with an air conditioner is when the unit freezes. It looks odd to see ice on an AC, but several things can cause this problem. One of the causes of ice on your AC is a bad blower fan. Here's how to tell if the fan in your blower is bad and the repairs that might need to be done.

Signs of a Bad Blower Fan

When the blower isn't working properly, your AC probably won't put out as much air as it should. Your home may get too warm even though the AC runs as usual. A bad blower might also make odd noises depending on what's wrong with it. When the blower can't produce enough air, ice starts to build on the coils. When enough ice builds up, your AC will stop working.

Reasons a Blower Develops Problems

The blower system consists of a fan, motor, capacitor, and sometimes a belt. If any of these go bad, the blower fan won't be able to spin and make air. The blower might wear out due to age or wear and tear. There could also be an electrical problem or a worn-out belt. A blower can also go bad if it is stressed because it's coated with dust or because the AC filter is clogged and airflow is restricted.

Repairs Your AC May Need

The first step in dealing with a frozen air conditioner is to let the unit thaw out, so when you see ice, shut off your AC and then call an air conditioning repair service. The ice has to be out of the way so the repair technician can examine the parts and determine the cause of the ice formation. If the problem is low airflow because of a blower problem, the air conditioning repair technician will check the fan to see if it's dirty or if it's unbalanced or has another problem. They'll also check the belt to see if it snapped or is loose.

The repair technician may use a multimeter to check the capacitor and motor to see if they're bad and unable to spin the fan. Once the cause has been pinpointed, the technician can clean dirty parts and replace parts that are bad so the fan works optimally again.

Blower problems are a common reason for ice to build up on an air conditioner because a blower that doesn't work properly reduces airflow through the system. However, a dirty filter could also cause restricted airflow, so before you call the air conditioning repair service, check your AC filter and change it if it's clogged with dust.