Three Signs Your Furnace Is Due For A Tune-Up

Like just about everything else in your home, you most likely don't think about your furnace until it breaks down and you're forced to hire a furnace repair technician. While those types of service calls don't have to be very expensive, they can be inconvenient in your everyday life, so it's much better to have a scheduled tune-up every year to make sure your heating system is in tip-top shape.

Look for the three signs listed below. If you notice any of them happening in your home, schedule an HVAC technician immediately to solve the issue. If they see any issues, they'll most likely recommend a furnace repair service to ensure your system is operational before the cold winter months arrive.

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

Your utility bills should be roughly the same from year to year, especially if your bills are based on a rolling average instead of month-to-month pricing. If you notice that this year's energy bill is much higher than last year's - even if you've only turned on the air conditioning unit - it might be worth it to see if something is wrong with your air ducts. If you don't notice until you fire up the heater for the first time, there's most likely a problem with your furnace. At the very least, it's not running as efficiently as it should, so it's best to have a tune-up to optimize the systems and fix any issues that may be present.

Taking Forever to Warm Up

If your furnace is working but you're noticing that it's taking a really long time to heat up various parts of your house, it may be a problem with your heating unit. The blower could be about to go out or there could be a problem with the energy source. Either way, you'll need to schedule an HVAC technician to perform a heating tune-up and take care of any underlying furnace repairs that need to be addressed.

Unusual Noises and Smells

Ideally, your furnace should be almost invisible, so if you notice that your heater is making weird noises or emitting strange smells - like mildew or a strong burning smell - you need to have it addressed immediately. Both of them could be signs that something is seriously wrong with your furnace, and while you may be able to get by with it for a while, it'll eventually become inefficient and break down completely - and it could damage the other parts of your house. Schedule an inspection and a tune-up if it's a minor issue, but don't be surprised if your technician recommends a complete furnace repair service.

To learn more, contact a heating contractor.