2 Things an Auditor Will Look for During Your Home’s Energy Efficiency Audit

If you have noticed that your electricity bill is getting higher each month, you may be wondering where the extra usage is coming from. Because of this, you may be considering having an energy audit performed to find out what is causing the spikes as well as to receive guidance on how to reduce the cost. When the auditor comes to your home, there are a couple of things they will do to start the process of finding out where your energy is being wasted.

1.  Problem Areas That Allow for the Exchange of Interior and Exterior Air

One of the things that the auditor will do when trying to discover what is adversely affecting your home's energy efficiency rating is to look at the structure of the house itself. While you may feel that your house is fairly airtight, there may be hidden problem areas that are causing the exchange of interior and exterior air.

For example, when the auditor goes through your home, they will use an instrument to test for drafts that you may not normally feel. If there is a small crack around one or more windows or doorways, enough heat or cool air may be escaping or entering your home to make a difference in how hard your heating and air conditioning system has to work. Even a small increase in the system's workload can cause a spike in energy usage.

2.  Electronic Usage Habits That Could Increase Your Energy Costs

Another thing for which the auditor will look is your household's habits about electronic usage. Not only will they walk around and observe what is plugged in, but they may ask questions about how you use your electronics. For example, if you have a habit of keeping your cellphone plugged in even after it has charged, it will continue to draw electricity. While it may seem like a minuscule amount, this energy usage will add up.

If you are in the habit of leaving small appliances plugged in that have indicator lights, these draw power as well. Unless you are using a timer on your coffeemaker or microwave oven, unplugging these items can help with your home's energy costs.

Pinpointing problem areas with your home's structure and electronic usage are only a couple of things that the auditor will do when assessing the energy efficiency of your house so that they can offer suggestions on how to save on energy usage. For more information, speak with a service such as My Envy Home.