Heating When You Need Cooling: Troubleshooting Summer Hot Air AC Problems

The summer months bring heatwaves that cause a lot of stress on your AC. When your air conditioning strains to keep your home cool, problems could arise that cause hot air to come out of the vents. You want to troubleshoot the problems with the AC heating when it should be cooling to know what repairs will be needed. The following AC troubleshooting will help you find the cause of warm air coming out of HVAC vents.

Problems Causing Poor Air Circulation — The airflow coming out of HVAC vents is important, and there are several problems that could cause poor air circulation that include:

  • Closed vents and returns
  • Worn or damaged blower
  • Dirty air filter
  • Problems with air handlers and ductwork

These are the many problems that could be causing the air circulation of your AC to be restricted. Check common maintenance problems like the air filter before calling an air conditioner repair service for help diagnosing the problem and fixing it.

Warm Air and a Freezing Air Conditioner — There are times when the components of your AC can freeze over due to the strain when trying to keep your home cool during the summer heat. These problems cause ice to form on parts like condensing coils and AC compressors. The problems with freezing AC components can also cause hot air to come out of HVAC vents. Thaw your AC if you see ice and there is hot air coming out of vents. Once the ice has melted, you will want to contact a repair service to check your air conditioner for damage that the freezing may have caused.

Damaged and Decaying Ductwork — In many homes, the ducts of your AC could be the cause of warm air coming in and the system not cooling your home. This happens when old ducts are damaged and leaking air. The damaged ducts can start to decay as they are exposed to air, moisture, and pests. Therefore, the ducts may need to be repaired or replaced if the damage is too bad for repairs.

Refrigerant Leaks and Bad AC Compressors — Another problem that can cause the AC to blow hot air is low refrigerant. This happens due to the system being old and refrigerant levels going down over time, but it is usually because of other problems. Damage to the compressor, coils, and other AC components can cause refrigerant leaks that will need to be repaired before charging your air conditioning.

The problems that cause the AC to blow hot air can be easy to fix if you catch them in time. Contact an air conditioning repair service for help dealing with these problems and getting your home cool again.