Contact A 24-Hour Emergency HVAC Company For These HVAC Emergencies

Dealing with HVAC emergencies can be frustrating and stressful. When you're homeowner, the last thing you want to deal with is a no-heat or no-air situation. The good news is emergency HVAC companies exist to help with big issues quickly so that you don't have to be uncomfortable or unsafe. There are a variety of issues that a 24-hour emergency HVAC company can take care of and they can act fast. Here are some emergencies that you should contact a professional HVAC company for: 

Lack of Heat or Air

If you have a total lack of heat or hair in your home, it can be uncomfortable and a big inconvenience. But, this issue can be even more alarming if you have young children and babies or elderly adults living in your home. They need to keep their temperatures regulated so they don't get sick. If you're dealing with a loss of heat or air and your HVAC unit is unable to produce heat or air when you need it most, contacting an emergency HVAC company is your best bet.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks from Your Furnace 

If your carbon monoxide detector has gone off, that's a sign that points to a carbon monoxide leak. One reason that this may have happened is if you've recently, or within the last year, had a new furnace installed. It may have been installed incorrectly or in an unsafe manner, which can lead to a leak. Carbon monoxide is incredibly dangerous and can be deadly so you need to turn off your gas and get out of your home as soon as you notice this issue. 

Fixing Burning Smells 

If you notice a burning smell coming from your HVAC system, then you need to turn it off and get help right away. This may mean that there is an electrical component that is broken or you may have a wiring issue. If this happens to your AC or furnace, continuing to run it can cause serious damage and may even result in a fire. Don't skip out on contacting a 24-hour emergency HVAC company. 

These are just some examples of HVAC emergencies that you may experience someday. If you think that you have a big issue, it's always a good idea to get it checked out rather than putting it off so that you can protect your health and safety and your home. Contact a 24-hour emergency HVAC company to send a technician to your home. 

For more information on any of these listed emergencies, reach out to a company like Bud's Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning & Electric.