Six Ways To Get Ready For Propane Heating Before The Temperature Drops

You can maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of propane heating in your home this winter by preparing now for the coming drop in temperatures. The better prepared you are, the easier it's going to be to deal with the cold weather in your household.

The following are six ways to get ready for propane heating before the temperature drops.

Fill up your propane tank

One of the most obvious things you'll want to do to prepare is have your propane tank filled up all the way. It's good to go into the winter with a full tank so you'll know you have adequate fuel for some time to come. You don't want to schedule a tank filling at the last minute or you might find yourself unable to adequately heat your home before your propane supplier gets around to visiting.

Have any filters in your furnace replaced

Replacing filters is a good way to maximize efficiency in any furnace running on propane. Replacing filters will optimize airflow so that heated air is efficiently channeled throughout your home via your ducts. 

Prepare for snow cover over your tank

It's important that you know where to locate your propane tank even when the ground is covered with snow. For this reason, you should put some kind of marking out in your yard around the tank that will stick up above the snow.

If your tank gets lost beneath the snow, you might accidentally damage it when you're plowing. Clearly marking your tank helps to protect it throughout the winter. 

Schedule a refill for your tank in advance

Not only should you fill your tank going into the winter, but you should also schedule a refill down the road. If you schedule your refill in advance, you know your propane supplier will be planning to come and therefore won't delay when you're in need of a refill. 

Invest in a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a great way to make your heating system more precise and more efficient. Programmable thermostats can be adjusted automatically when you're sleeping or when you're not at home. This helps the homeowner to more precisely control propane heating throughout the winter. 

Get ready to take advantage of natural sunlight

You can make the job easier on your propane furnace if you take advantage of natural sunlight to heat your home when possible. Allow sunlight to come in windows that are facing the midday sun so that you can heat your home in part naturally without burning any propane.