Choose the Right Closed Refrigeration Unit for Your Store

Whether you operate a convenience store, grocery store, or any other food market, a solid refrigeration unit is a must. While it's important to focus on the efficiency of the unit and even its size, you should also look at the door style of the system. The ideal glass door unit is easy to access and offers superior protection for the goods stored inside the refrigerated unit. Rather than select the first door unit you find, learn about some of the features you should look for during your search.


The door system should be aligned with the number of sections you need for the refrigeration system. For example, if you need separate areas for dairy, soft drinks, juices, and bottled water, you would want to install a system with at least four doors in order to keep each of the sections separate and organized.

If space is limited, remember that refrigeration systems can be made in a custom size. If you have a narrower area to work with, this issue is not a problem. 

Compressor Location

Consider the compressor style of the of the refrigeration unit. No matter what option you select, you will need to keep the compressor clean. When the compressor is dirty, it can affect the level of efficiency at which the system operates and shorten its lifespan.

Some door units have the compressor located above the doors. In terms of convenience, this option is ideal because the compressor won't get as dirty. This also means you won't have to clean it as often. Another option is a system where the compressor is located at the base of the door. However, this option will require more frequent cleaning. 

Closing Feature

When a customer opens up the door to the refrigerated unit, they are looking for a cold beverage or food item. The door closing style you select for your system will determine just how easy it is for your customers to accomplish this goal.

Ideally, you should look for a system with self-closing hinges. Self-closing systems can be found on traditional and sliding doors. With a conventional hinge system, the door could remain open until you or another customer notices it and closes it, which will drastically lower the temperature inside the unit.  

Choose a door refrigeration system wisely to ensure the system meets your goals. For more information, talk with companies like A-Thompson Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Heating Service Inc.