How To Increase Duct Efficiency

There are obviously quite a few ways you can increase airflow in your home. With central HVAC systems, you need to make sure that your air, whether it is the heat or the AC, is actually circulating through the entire home so that there are no dead or dry spots, as they are often called by professionals.

Register and Duct Efficiency

Every home is unique, and builders can't perfectly predict how air will through any given HVAC system. Of course, registers will be installed at all of the most practical points, but this is no guarantee that you will have perfect airflow throughout your entire property. There could be entire rooms, or just sections of a room, that seem to be receiving little to no airflow at times. Obviously, the size of your air handler and the exact settings of your thermostat can impact how the air is flowing. Similarly, how you have your furniture arranged can greatly affect airflow. Basically, when you move into a new home, it might take a little bit of time to figure out all the intricacies of your HVAC system in order to make adjustments to get maximum airflow.

Booster Air Registers

One of the cheapest and easiest airflow solutions is to add booster pump registers just in the rooms that need them the most. These are basically registers that have small electronic fans inside of them. They look just like normal air registers, but they are electronic, so they need to be attached to a power source. Also, they have power switches so you can turn them on only when you need them.

Basically, when the register is not turned on, it will work just like a normal air register. But when it is turned on, the air comes out at a much greater speed, enabling it to travel further and reach the other end of the room.

Traditional air registers are usually only about $10, but electronic systems cost at least $100 a piece. So if you are spending 10 times as much, not to mention the extra cost of the electricity consumption, you only want to have booster registers in rooms that need them. Also, you only want to actually use the register when you need it. Even in large homes, you might just need to have one booster register in a particular room. However, it can be extremely helpful in controlling the temperature in that one room.

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