How To Get The Most Out Of Portable AC Units

Portable AC units are commonly used by homeowners who just need a little more cold air in some rooms of their home. Usually, unless you live in a small studio apartment, a portable AC unit isn't strong enough to cool down the entire interior. But, even if you already have a central air conditioner, portable units are great for rooms that are usually much hotter than others in the home.

It is obviously very common for homes to heat up and cool down unevenly. The best solution to this is to adjust your registers so that the hotter rooms get more airflow. But, when this doesn't help enough, a portable AC unit can be extremely helpful.

Portable and Window Units

Portable AC systems work as a great alternative to window units when there isn't a workable window fixture in the room. Window units need to be mounted on fixtures that have strong wooden sills that can hold the weight of the unit. Portable units sit on the ground, and use a hose to connect the window and push hot air out of the room. Unfortunately, because of the hose, portable unit usually aren't quite as effective as window units. But, when it isn't even possible to have a window unit, a portable unit is definitely your best choice. However, there are a few ways you can make your portable unit more effective.

Maximize Efficiency

First of all, the closer your unit is to the window, the more productive it will be. With a shorter length of hose connecting the back of the unit to the fixture, there is less heat loss. The hose will have to connect to the window with a special panel. This panel is airtight, and it will also be very helpful when it comes to the productivity of the unit. If your unit doesn't come with weatherstripping, you will definitely want to invest in some.

You can also increase the range of your unit by using separate electrical fans. A small, low-voltage fan can help circulate air to the other side of the room more efficiently. This might actually be enable you to turn down the setting on your AC. The AC unit will use much more electricity than a normal fan, so it could end up saving you some money.

When it comes down to it, portable air conditioning units could be the best option for in your room. Contact a local HVAC professional for more information about AC services.