Signs That You Should Call An AC Technician

DIY AC (air conditioner) repairs can save you a lot of money or cost you money depending on whether or not you know what you are doing. Here are some AC malfunctions that novices should not attempt to handle because they usually require the expertise of a professional technician:

No Cool Air Even Though the Unit Is Running

If the AC is running but your rooms are not getting cooled, then the problem is most likely something that only a skilled technician can rectify. Here are some of the problems that can cause the AC to run without blowing cold air:

  • Clogged filter
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Defective control board
  • Failed capacitor
  • Failed thermistor

 As you can see, the only thing a novice should attempt here is to change a clogged filter; the rest of the issues are technical and should only be handled by a professional.

Abnormal Sounds From the Condenser or Compressor

A banging or rattling sounds from the compressor usually means that something is loose within the unit. This "something" may include things like connecting rod, crankshaft, and mounts, among others. Electrical problems in the compressor or condenser usually produce humming, buzzing or clicking sounds. Abnormal noises from the compressor or condenser unit usually translate to serious problems, and you should turn off the unit and call a technician immediately if you hear them.

All Switches Are On but the System Is Off

The first thing you should do if your AC doesn't come on is to confirm that it is getting electricity. You do this by confirming that you don't have a blackout, the breaker hasn't tripped, and all the relevant switches have been turned on. If all these checks don't reveal a problem and the AC still doesn't come on, then you are probably dealing with a problem that requires a professional technician's input.

Constantly Tripping Breaker

Whenever your AC breaker trips, you should only reset it once; anything more than that can lead to further damage. This is because if the breaker tripped due to a one-time problem such as a power surge, it should stay up after you reset it. However, if you reset the breaker and it trips up again, it means there is a problem with the AC that is either drawing too much power or causing electricity to flow where it shouldn't. Whatever the cause of the problem, you are better off leaving it in the hands of a professional technician.

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