Will A Window AC Unit Work For Your Cooling Needs?

Are you thinking about investing in air conditioning for your home? Or, do certain parts of your home just need a little extra cooling during the summer? If so, there are several different appliances and systems that could be suitable for your home. This article specifically looks at window AC units, examining when and where they work best in residential settings. It should help you decide whether or not one will be the right system for AC in your home.

Cheap and Easy to Install

The best thing about window AC unit is that they're extremely affordable and easy to install. You don't need to hire an HVAC technician to install them. In fact, you can walk into a store and find a unit that will comfortably cool a full-size bedroom for less than $200. Then, you can bring the unit home and install it within a matter of hours. Installing window units on sliding windows is easy, and can usually be done without any sort of fasteners or screws. The provided mounting brackets enable the unit to rest on the window sill, with the movable sash holding the top of it.

No Gas Hookups Are Needed

Another great thing about window AC units is that they run just on electricity. If you don't have any gas service to your property, a window unit will be ideal. That being said, since they run just on electricity, the cost can add up if you are running your unit for extended periods throughout the day.

Drawbacks of Window Units

Window units aren't always the best idea in homes that have multiple rooms. They can pretty much only cool the room that they are in. So, homeowners have to resort to using multiple units on multiple windows in their home.

Most people hate the way that window AC units look. They aren't exactly stylish, and they will ultimately detract from your interior and exterior decor. You will have a large plastic appliance sticking out of your windows. On top of that, a window unit is going to fill in a large percentage of your fixture, blocking light.

In the end, there are a lot of advantages to using window AC units, specifically their affordability, convenience, and easy installation. However, the disadvantages are also significant. Homeowners don't like the way they look, operation costs can be high, and they have very limited range. Nonetheless, they might be the best solution for cooling small rooms and spaces in your home.

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