3 Passive Climate Control Strategies To Reduce Stress On HVAC Systems

Sometimes, saving energy on heating and cooling your home is done with simple home improvements. Some of the things that you can do include passive heating and cooling, which are natural methods of climate control. To heat your home, you may use windows with sunlight, and to cool your home, ventilation is a passive solution. Here are some of the different methods of passive climate control that you can use to reduce strain on your HVAC system:

1. Using the Greenhouse-Effect to Effectively Heat Your Home

One of the best ways to heat your home naturally is to use the greenhouse-effect. There are many ways that this can be done, such as by using larger windows in areas of your home that get the most natural sunlight. You may also want to consider investing in improvements like sunrooms and porch enclosures that can help you capture the natural heat from the sun. There are also solutions like garden windows, which can help capture more energy from the sun to passively heat your home during the winter months.

2. Ventilation and Heat Convection as A Simple Home Cooling Solution 

The ventilation of your home is another way that you can help reduce strain on a conventional HVAC system with passive cooling. The natural heat convection currents that happen when heat rises will help with this. Skylights that are functional and can be opened and closed are great for both passive heating and cooling. Opening the skylights will allow heat to escape and help keep your home cool. Other solutions include attic vents and opening windows in higher areas of your home.

3 Effectively Controlling the Temperature in Your Home with Window Treatments

Window treatments are another good solution for passive climate control. If you have curtains for window treatments, consider different materials for different seasons to take advantage of the sunlight. In addition, roll-up shutters are a great way to control energy and natural light. Shutters will also provide your home with extra protection and security. With proper use, window treatments are a great solution to control passive energy from the windows in your home.

These are some of the different methods that can be used for passive heating and cooling in your home. If you need help with HVAC maintenance, contact an AC repair contractor and talk with them about other things that can be done to reduce strain on your HVAC system.