Don’T Ignore Furnace Maintenance For These 3 Reasons

If you are replacing an old furnace with one that is brand new, you might be seeing it as a fresh start when it comes to this key appliance. Long gone are the days of ignoring maintenance, since you'll want to do all that you can to get the most possible years out of the furnace before it needs replacement again. These 3 reasons could help encourage you to get regular professional maintenance done to your furnace.

It Can Guarantee Equipment Warranties

Chances are that your furnace came with a warranty when you had it installed. You should really look at the fine print to see what sort of contingencies the warranty has to make sure that it is valid. For example, there may be a requirement that you get regular maintenance performed on the furnace to ensure that it is in great condition.

Ignoring regular maintenance can potentially void that warranty, and with so much money invested into your furnace, it is not something that you want to happen. Even if you're not hiring the same company to do maintenance that installed the furnace, hold onto receipts so that you can prove the maintenance occurred.

It Can Help Avoid Down Time

When a furnace does break down, chances are that it fails when you need it the most. It may be from having to work extra hard during an extreme period of cold temperatures, or even just regular wear and tear. Having maintenance performed regularly will ensure that worn down parts are replaced before they break.

It Can Save You Money

Regular maintenance saves you money in a couple ways. This first is by avoiding having to make an emergency service call in the middle of winter, which will cost much more than the typical maintenance trip from an HVAC service company.

You can also save money on furnace maintenance by getting a service contract with a company in your area. You are essentially pre-paying for the maintenance visits, so you can expect to get a reduced rate in exchange for the service company being able to schedule your visit far in advance. Basic part replacement may even be covered in this type of contract, since it is assumed that things like an air filter need to be replaced regularly.

Nobody wants to be stuck in a home without heat during the winter, and performing proper maintenance can help avoid all of these problems that can happen. To find out more, visit a website like