How To Clean A Condenser Coil That Is Showing Signs Of Coil Corrosion

If the condenser coil inside of your den's air conditioner is showing signs of coil corrosion, learn how to remove the rust spots with the following steps. Coil corrosion can lead to a unit failing or may require the installation of new components in order for the coil to work correctly. If you take care of the problem on your own, your unit will continue to operate efficiently.


  • naval jelly
  • thin paintbrush
  • scouring pad
  • soapy cloth
  • wet sponge
  • towel
  • coil cleaner
  • handheld vacuum cleaner

Treat Rust Spots

Disconnect the power to the air conditioning unit. Remove the cover to the condenser coil. Inspect the metal pieces for rust. Apply a thin, even coat of naval jelly to rust spots with a paintbrush. Wait a few minutes for the jelly to penetrate the rust. It will help loosen each spot. Move a scouring pad firmly back and forth over each treated area. Once all of the rust has been removed, wipe the coil with a soapy cloth. Eliminate any naval jelly or soap that remains on the metal pieces with a wet sponge. Dry the coil with a towel.

Clean The Rest Of The Coil

If there is any staining on any other parts of the coil, apply a coat of coil cleaner to each one. Wait a couple minutes after applying the product. Use a damp sponge to rub each area that needs to be cleaned. Move a handheld vacuum cleaner over the front of the coil to collect any dirt particles that are stuck in between small metal pieces. A wire brush that is used along with the vacuum will help release any pieces that are stuck deep in between the metal.

Protect The Coil From Additional Damage

After the coil has been treated, keep it maintained to prevent rust from forming again. Inspect the unit's interior throughout the months that you use air conditioning in your home and clean it with a soapy cloth and a cloth. Dry the pieces that were cleaned soon afterwards. Treat rust spots as soon as they are noticed so that they do not become larger and difficult to remove. If you store your unit outside of your home during the fall and winter, cover it up beforehand and place the unit in an area that is not exposed to moisture.

All of these steps will preserve the condition of your unit's condenser coil so that it continues to operate correctly each time that you turn your unit on. Contact an HVAC service for more info.