Three Ways To Generate Heat In Your Home When You Heating System Is Down

There is a good chance that if your home's heating system decides to stop working, it is going to be in the dead of winter when your home is going to get cold really fast. Most heating repair specialists have an emergency repair line you can call when things go wrong, but you still may have to wait a while for a technician to arrive and make the repairs. In the meantime, you have to find a way to stay warm. Here are three ways you may be able to generate a bit of heat in your home. 

1. Make Use of Your Fireplace

That gorgeous fireplace in your family room may only be used for design appeal most of the time, but it is actually there for a reason. Years ago, homes relied on fireplaces and wood stoves for heat and there is no reason why you cannot do the same when your electric or gas furnace is out. Light a match and make sure that there are no clogs in your chimney by checking that the smoke from the match is pulled up through the ventilation pipe. If the chimney seems to be pulling the smoke, grab some dry wood and start a small fire.

2. Let the Sunlight in

There is a reason why home efficiency websites recommend that you keep sunlight out in the summer. It is because the sun will raise the temperature of a room and make it harder to cool. The sun is the easiest form of heat generation that there is. If your heating unit suddenly stops working in the middle of the day, open all of your blinds and curtains to allow in the light. You may be a surprised at just how much heat can come from sunshine sending beams of light through glass windows. 

3. Get Cooking

Have you ever noticed just how hot it can get in your kitchen when you are preparing food and using the oven? While your heat is out, take the opportunity to prepare a big meal or do some baking. Set up camp in the kitchen and block off doorways with a heavy blanket. You will have a comfortable room that will keep you and your family warm, and you will be very well fed!

There is no need to panic and go bundling everyone up to take a trip to the neighbor's house when your heat goes out without warning. With a little creative thinking, you can keep your family warm until the heating repairman arrives at your door. If you're looking for a heating repair specialist in your area, contact Always Ready Repair.